What a phenomenal experience at US Overwatch!  Blue was highly recommended to me and my 15 year old son.  He introduced us to a whole new world of gun safety and training and presented it in a way that was extremely effective for the diversity of experience for both me (a mom) and my son.  He has an esteemed resume with his military background and law enforcement, but was able to get a rookie like me to hit targets consistently my first time shooting a gun.  He is so personable, knowledgeable and highly overqualified to be helping someone like me, but he made what could have been an otherwise intimidating experience into a powerful and fun learning environment.  My son and have, and will continued working with Blue to learn and absorb as much of his experience as we can!  If you have been thinking about doing this, but hesitant… don’t wait any longer, this is so much fun.  Blue will far exceed your expectations, and you will be hooked